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The Birth of Club Marinduqueno, Inc.
From the Desk of the President

My long nurtured dream of having a well-knit civic organization composed of representatives from all the six towns of Marinduque that will take care of the poor and the needy in our home province transcended in to the beginning of the reality when, following a case hearing before my sala at Branch No. 57, of the Metropolitan Trial Court of San Juan Metro Manila, Atty. Aurelio Pamfilo Jr. happened to mention in passing (which is perhaps providential) that he hails from the island Province of Marinduque. Curios, I inquired about any relationship he may have with the late Aurelio Pamfilo Sr., a former Mayor of Torrijos. As he responded in eth affirmative, I casually asked him if he will be interested in forming a provincewide organization, with the administration composed of representatives from all the six towns of Marinduque. Sincerely receptive to the idea, Atty. Pamfilo, Jr., agreed and we lost no time in recruiting the former members of the Damayan Association of Sta. Cruz. The subsequent recruits were from Torrijos, later on followed by other members coming from the towns of Mogpog and Boac. The original members who formed the club were the following: Gen. Alexander Aguirre, Gen. Renato Morales Garcia, Dr. Manuel Belarmino, Atty. Rodolfo Rosales, Macario Rodil, Manual Quintana, Maj. Pablito Rodriguez, Felino Rosales, Atty. Pamfilo Jr., and myself. Several meetings were held at various restaurants since the group had no office at the time.

Actuated by a common desire to extend assistance to their provincemate and to implement the very purpose of their gatherings, the group started to recruit members from the “Kapatagan” (low lying areas of Marinduque). The first one to join was from Boac, Mr. Enrico Lope, followed by the Assistant Secretary of Justice, Ricardo Paras III, also from Boac. They were followed by a comely lady in Mogpog, the former Ms. Lily Marquez (now Mrs. Yaco).

In order to have a legal personality, the club decided to have the organization registered as a non-profit civic organization and so, the Club Marinduqueno, Inc., was officially born on December 6, 1991, following the issuance of its Certificate of Registration. The maiden Christmas Ball and fellowship Party was held thereafter at the Quezon City Sport Plaza on December 7, 1991.

So successful was the affair that more members were attracted. Among those who joined was Mr. Rizalino Nazareno, a native of Gasan.

A short time later, the club inaugurated its office through the generosity of brothers Manuel and Ruben Rejano of Sta. Cruz, at the 4th Floor, Dela Rosa Bldg., Dapitan cor. Gov. Forbes Sts., Sampaloc, Manila, where it presently maintains a secretariat, holding office Monday through Friday.

Judge Manuel L. Villamayor (+)
Founding President